Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daddy's Stay-cation

Since daddy doesn't get much time to go to the dentist, this was the perfect opportunity for him to squeeze an appointment in. As soon as he was done, Rose declared it was her turn and hopped up in the chair. I guess we had been reading too much of the Berenstein Bears Go To The Dentist! She was very still while the dentist counted her teeth and even scraped some food out of a particularly deep crevice. Then she wanted to help. Overall, a good first visit.

The next day we went to a great fall festival type place. They have about 20 slides, ranging in size from 4 feet to 100 feet! Rose wanted to do everyone of them, usually by herself. Daddy helped her get used to it, then down she went on her own. Of course they also had hay stacks to climb on and baby farm animals everywhere...look for a post on the baby pigs to come.

On our last day of Daddy time, we went to the last home game of the season. When some of the mascots came to the kids area (a great family stadium by the way!) Rose got a little scared and clung to Daddy for dear life. Still a good time was had by all...including ice cream in a baseball cap that Rose took home for her doll.

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