Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Picking 2012

 We did our annual apple picking trip with some close friends again this year.  But we tried a new orchard.  Which we will totally be going back to again next year.  I'd go again this year, but I have a feeling that I will be deep in apples for a while.  
 Check out the size of the apples we got - compared to an iPhone.  
 John being really cute in a baseball hat.
 The apples were nice and low so the kids could reach, which has been a problem in the past.  We each got a half bushel. (And since I am post dating this outing, I can tell you that is a lot of apples - we have made apple pie and apple sauce, but still have ALOT of apples left!).
 We had a picnic lunch and played on the wonderful playground equipment until a very large school group showed up and we couldn't keep track of the five mobile ones any more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day at the Museums

 My niece came to town for her 8th grade class trip, and they had some down time to tour the museums.  We thought since they had come all this way, we could go downtown and hang out with her for a couple of hours.  
 First up, Air and Space, where Rose tried to reach the pedals and steer, which didn't really work all that well. The great thing was that my niece's class had to stay in groups, so she was with her friends.  Which means I got 5 babysitters while touring the museums!  
 I think everyone had a fun time, even if they were hanging with a 2 & 4 yo.
 Then we hoofed it across to the Natural History, which I haven't been in for years.  Apparently they have redone it inside, because it was beautiful.  Very hands on and kid friendly.  I will definitely be back one day soon.
 Some cool things we saw were actual mummies, the Hope Diamond, and massive gems.  
 We are going to go back to do the butterflies, the kids area, and more of the mammals section.
Thanks for letting us crash your trip!

Monday, September 24, 2012

silly girl!

She really wanted me to take this picture with her holding her princesses!  Since I haven't taken any other pictures over the last week, this is the only update today.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Civil War Reenactment

 A while back, we did a medical reenactment, and the kids had a great time.  So Dan found this battle reenactment not too far from the house so we decided it would make for a fun afternoon.  Only we weren't entirely prepared as we decided to leave about 20 minutes before we absolutely had to leave in order to watch the battle!
 During a bathroom break, Rose convinced me she and James really needed little flags to wave, especially since I didn't get her any for the Fourth of July.  

 There were a ton of soldiers, this is only a small contingent of the Union Army.  
 We were probably 20 yards from one of the cannons, and it was pretty loud when it went off, but the kids didn't seem to mind, even John.  
So cute in their period hats, even if they were tired from trekking around all afternoon.  It took about 5 minutes for everyone to fall asleep on the ride home.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butterfly Madness

 So we sent away for one of those butterfly garden kits a few months ago.  Then the first one came and the caterpillars were dead from the extreme heat they were shipped in.  Eventually I got around to reordering the caterpillars...
 Then they grew and grew in their little cup, finally ending in a chrysalis hanging from the top.  Daddy transferred the little paper disk they were hanging from to the net cage they were to live in as butterflies.
 They finally 'hatched' and we actually watched one come out of its chrysalis...pretty neat if you've never seen it.  After a couple of days we freed the butterflies.

 They were Painted Lady butterflies, and very pretty.  Just as we opened the net, this one decided to show off its wings.  Oddly they didn't fly right out as soon as we opened it.  The kids got tired of waiting and eventually when they checked later they were all out.
Overall, it was fun and we will probably do it again later in our science adventures.

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