Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butterfly Madness

 So we sent away for one of those butterfly garden kits a few months ago.  Then the first one came and the caterpillars were dead from the extreme heat they were shipped in.  Eventually I got around to reordering the caterpillars...
 Then they grew and grew in their little cup, finally ending in a chrysalis hanging from the top.  Daddy transferred the little paper disk they were hanging from to the net cage they were to live in as butterflies.
 They finally 'hatched' and we actually watched one come out of its chrysalis...pretty neat if you've never seen it.  After a couple of days we freed the butterflies.

 They were Painted Lady butterflies, and very pretty.  Just as we opened the net, this one decided to show off its wings.  Oddly they didn't fly right out as soon as we opened it.  The kids got tired of waiting and eventually when they checked later they were all out.
Overall, it was fun and we will probably do it again later in our science adventures.

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