Friday, September 24, 2010

Where is James?

Oh, there he the corner just hanging out in the extra carseat. Just hanging out like a good little boy. BTW it is usually not that way - he is usually ripping books or chewing on something he shouldn't have - like the nut and washer from my dining room table. I seriously thought we were going to the hospital for that one. I didn't hear him making any noise in the living room so I went to check and he is standing under my dining room table just fiddling with something. So I check and he has managed to unscrew the nut and take it and the washer off the table leg. Then I noticed that he is chewing on a washer. So I take that out of his mouth and see that there is a nut on the floor, so I put it back on the bolt and see that the other nut/washer is missing. Hmmm, did he do something with it (ie swallow) or were they just missing to begin with? Well, given that I found the washer I determined that he must have taken the nut off too. Now where would that be? I gave myself two whole minutes to search for it before I was prepared to rush to the ER. Luckily I found it under the curve of the foot of the table. WHEW!

So, that was about a week ago. Then, the other day we were at Costco and towards the end of the trip, I noticed that his foot was stuck between the side of the cart and the bars that create the holes for the feet in the seat. Between the two of us, my friend and I could NOT get it out. He was screaming, Rose was crying because her brother was stuck, everyone was looking, etc. So we go to the front and ask for a manager to see if they had anything to separate the bars or something. Two BIG Costco employees come up and literally pull the cart bars sideways and his foot slips out.

In less than a week I encountered two potential hospital visits...the joys of being a mother of a son.

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