Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Picking

We went apple picking a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post the pics. So here they are. The kids had fun, even though we only did it for about an hour total and came home with only half a bag of apples. Rose was really excited about finding the little ones, but she was only allowed to keep one (since I knew we wouldn't actually be able to eat them). After James got ahold of an apple from Rose I found little pieces of apple all over my house as he was walking around with it, taking a bite, sucking the juice out and then spitting the actual food.

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Michelle Marcinak said...

Loved this, especially the part about "she only got to keep one little apple." I can relate. My kids still shriek because I only feed them apples cut into pieces, one piece at a time. Otherwise I too find chewed up dehydrated apple pieces all over the house.