Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Fun Day - Fourth of July

We hosted a summer fun day with some of Rose's friends and themed all the activities around the fourth, given how close it was to the holiday.  We had fun and are looking forward to the next fun day in a couple of weeks.

 They painted popsicle sticks and glued them together to make flags.

 The kids thought the temporary tattoos were really cool.  James looked like a strong man with his on his bicep.  He also thought it was a sticker and kept trying to pull it off (like he normally does with stickers) saying 'ticka' which is Jamese for sticker.  As a side note he is really starting to talk a lot more, it just takes a trained ear (aka - me or Rose) to decipher what he just said.

 The kids thought the fruit/marshmallow kebobs were cool, but mostly just wanted to eat the marshmallows since they were in the shape of stars.  

 We made firework art (I took this idea from a site somewhere, but it is all over the internet) out of black construction paper, white crayon, school glue, and glitter.  Even if you let the four-year olds use the glue on their own it still looks like fireworks, so that is cool from the perfectionist side of my craftiness!

Last but not least we played a sort of rousing game of patriotic memory.  I made a set from some basic, iconic pictures, my color printer, construction paper, and my laminator.  I plan to store them with the fourth decorations and use them next year too.

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