Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snow Theme Week

Now that we are out of the holiday season and I am no longer feeling the effects of early pregnancy, we are back into the swing of things with school.  Rose loves doing projects, but we have been going slowly.  Our first week back was easy - snow, even though we didn't have any fall from the sky.

We had a snowflake snack - we did this last year too - but they really enjoyed it again.

We also did an interesting science experiment, which you can see Rose recording in her science journal.  I got this one from I Can Teach My Child, and it was one of the ones that the kids loved.  We did it several times that day, and again the next.  
You take a small piece of Ivory soap, microwave it for 45 seconds (or minutes as Rose kept saying), and watch what happens.  We thought the end result looked like a pile of snow, but it definitely did not feel like one.  We put it in the bath and James thought it was great - nice and mushy like mud - but Rose freaked out about the little white pieces floating around.

We also made coffee filter snowflakes for our front window and colored with white crayon on black paper to make a snow scene.  No specific books this week to share, like I said we are going slowly back into school.  

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