Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day!

We had some school fun this week with a St Patricks Day theme.  
 First we worked on color know, red and yellow make orange and so on.  The flag of Ireland is a great thing to paint with this in mind.  Then we did some rainbows so we could get the purple in the mix too.  Of course they are also associated with St Pat's Day.  
 Rose also had some fun coloring by number to reveal a pot of gold.

 Daddy made green, shamrock shaped pancakes for breakfast.  They were very excited as you can see.

To round out the day we had three other families over for a traditional corned beef dinner.  Luckily it just required the crockpot so very little cooking was done.  The kids ate homemade mac and cheese instead, then ran around and watched the St Patricks Day movie I won last year.

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