Monday, April 23, 2012

Following directions

So even though I haven't put many projects up here lately, it doesn't mean we haven't been doing small ones here and there in between visits to the park.  

I told the kids to color the coffee filters with the markers and then we would spray them with water to make it run, letting it dry to become either flowers or butterfly wings (side note: we got through the drying process then never seemed to pick it back up so maybe it will be one of those that happens after the baby is here and the kids are dying for something to do!).

Anyway, Rose jumped in and started coloring right away.  James also started coloring then opted for a more manly route of becoming the marker cap monster.

Clearly this was not to Rose's liking and she quickly informed her brother he needed to follow the directions and color on the filters.  See the look of panic on her face above?  Crack me up!

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