Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New Friend

Rose was invited to her very first birthday party at the American Girl doll store.  She had a blast just walking around and seeing all the baby doll accessories (who would've thought they had enough stuff for dolls to fill two floors of a store in the mall?).  
Then, lo and behold, the birthday girl gave out the 'goody bags' and look what was inside it!  Marie-Grace, one of the historical dolls from their collections.  WOW!!  Rose was in love at first sight.

 They had these funny little doll holders in the bathroom stalls so you could keep them clean.  It was actually a good thing, since every little girl in there had a doll with her.  

 Then the party moved into the bistro (fancy word for restaurant if you ask me).  The dolls were provided with booster seats to sit next to the girls.

 And little cups for drinking of course.

 Some cool things about the bistro - the neat light fixture and they way they served the food.

Overall, she had a great time and made a new best friend.  At least she will have an easy time with her wishlist this year!

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