Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lake Anna Vacation

We spent the week at a rental house on the 'warm side' of Lake Anna (no internet, means no blog updates!) with Sara's side of the family.  We had a great time.  Here are some of the things we did throughout the week, but it is definitely not all inclusive of the many activities.

 Great eats throughout the week...many of them off the grill where Sam (Aunt C's boyfriend) did the cooking.

 The house had a foozball and air hockey table, which the kids loved...even the big ones.

 James found a patch of mud on the edge of the lake and had a grand time playing in it.

 Dan got some quality reading time in while John slept next to him in the bug proof bouncy seat.

 Dan took the kids out for a ride on the canoe...
 then purposely tipped it over (with only James on board, Rose would never get back in if we did that to her!)....
 and had a grand time goofing around with it!

 We spent the 'cool' afternoon at one of the nearby vineyards, had a tasty snack with a bottle of wine, and played bocce ball.

 Some mornings, the lake would have a rolling mist on top of it.  It was much cooler and prettier in person, but I had to share it.

 There were many trips by all on the rented kayaks to see other parts of the nearby lake areas.  

 Rose got so worn out she fell asleep on Aunt C's lap one afternoon.

 Fun on the air hockey table.

 We spent an afternoon at the Charlottesville Children's Museum, which was a fun thing for the kids.  Especially since the temperature outside was nearing 100.

 James got so tired one day he fell asleep eating his lunch on the deck.

On the way home (sort of), we stopped by the house where Stonewall Jackson died.  It was pretty neat since they still had the same bed and blanket that was on the bed.  

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