Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Rose!

 Rose wanted to have a "Wild Kratts" theme for her birthday this year, so we decked the house with animal decor.  First the kids helped me make some underwater creatures.  

 Then I took some packaging paper and taped it to the wall to look like a tree (used painters tape to keep it from pulling paint with it later).  I wanted the monkeys to hang from the branches, but never could come up with anything strong enough to make them stick.  
 I think the coolest decoration was the piano turned zebra print.  This was just some craft paper rolled out on top of my black cover, then cut down to wavy strips.  I was tempted to leave it since it looked soooo cool.

 I hired the face painter again this year..she did full face animals on all the girls.  Really pretty, as usual!

 We did an animal beading project, that I admit probably would have failed miserably had Nana AND the face painter not stayed!  But in the end, the projects were fun and something to take home.  

 Rose received lots of very nice presents and will be writing her own thank yous this year (so be patient if you don't get it right away!).  

Some yummy lady bug crackers for the family party...

 And a great cake by Nana!

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