Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 First thing Christmas morning, before the kids woke up!

 OOHH, more gifts over here!

 Oh, yeah, love ripping the paper off!

 Best gift ever - an empty brown box ;)

 Trying on one of the gowns from mommy and daddy.

 A snack after church before the gifts at nana's.

 Accessories to go with the gown.

 The onlookers.

 Having fun with one of the crafts she got.

 Helping Uncle Bill put the tool bench together. 

 A laughing toy for a smiling boy.

 Ah, naptime for everyone.

 It really wasn't painful, promise.

A great holiday was had by everyone.  
(PS - I seem to be missing Christmas Eve, so if someone could send me those, it would be great!)

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