Friday, January 4, 2013

On an organizing kick

 Saw these little holders and thought it would help the spice cabinet a little.  It helped a LOT!  I haven't finished it yet, otherwise you'd get a better idea of inside.

 I couldn't take the closets all looking basically like this, so I have started reorganizing the house and doing my annual clean out of stuff!  It feels good.  Will post the after of this closet later, but let me tell you, it is much better. is just one small part with the wrapping paper all organized on the door, which is much better than the silly thing that we had before, but didn't really ever hold the wrapping paper.  And you can sort of see that I now have a bookshelf in the closet, which holds my scrapbooking stuff, and that wasn't even IN the closet picture above!  So happy about getting organzied....

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