Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clothes Theme

Ok, so I know it is a weird sounding theme, but Rose had fun with it - she is a girl after all!  Anyway, I found this cool felt doll at a sale the weekend before, so it worked really well with the week's activities.  She had a ball picking out outfits and dressing the girl.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing how certain accessories go with different types of outfits.  
Of course, this was the only activity that was really worth taking a picture of.  So I will just give a quick run down of the other activities.  For a math activity, we discussed clothing size then went through all of her clothes and noted that the smaller numbers didn't fit her any more but the bigger numbers were a little bigger on her.  Then she and I spent time organizing her clothes, folding and whatnot.  
At first, science was going to involve some tie-dye, but I didn't really want to get into that, so we did a laundry drying experiment.  We tried different ways of drying her clothes from the laundry.  She figured out that it was really nice to have the dryer do all the work!

We also donated a bag of clothes for our social studies for the week.

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