Friday, September 30, 2011

Farm Theme

This week we did a Farm Theme, as it seemed kind of fall-ish.  Of course, we had an indian summer, and the temps were near 80.  Oh well!
 I found some great pre-made packs for kindergarten HERE, which is where all these great activities came from this week.  Rose really enjoyed the connect-the-letters to help the farmer get to the cow.
Then she did a little farm math - count the different animals and circle the correct number.  She did well, in fact it was almost too easy for her, so maybe I need to start upping the ante in math.
I got these adorable magnetic farms from my Pampers points and they had fun making up their own story to go with the farm animals.  Rose was intent on getting them in the right place, while James just liked putting them on and off.  

We rounded the week out with a trip to a local farm/park.  It is run by volunteers and they have it set in 1771 so the farm was like it would have been back then.  They dress, speak, and act the part which the kids thought was funny.  We got to help carry firewood in, wash our hands in their 'sink' (a bucket of water), and play with cornhusk dolls & other farm toys.  
As you can see, Daddy made it with us on this trip, which was great for the kids.  Here they are looking at the pigs and trying to get them to oink.  It only really worked with the geese, which ended up scaring them anyway!


Kristi said...

Hi, I found your blog through the busy bag post at Money Saving Mom ( I am participating in busy bag swap of my own, and I signed up for the clothes pin wheel. I've looked at a few templates online, but I like yours the best! I was wondering if you would be willing to share it?

Thanks for your help!
-Kristi :)

Kristi said...

oops, I meant clothespin NUMBER wheel. :)