Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Midwest Trip - Route 66

So if you know my kids, you know they like the movie Cars/Cars 2.  And one of the things in the first movie is the rejuvenation of an old Route 66 town.  Well, part of our trip involved the beginning of the original Route 66, so I HAD to take them on it.  And I found this cool museum dedicated to Rte 66 paraphernalia.  

 These were signs that had been along a strip of the road, once upon a time.

 This is the bus the character Fillmore (in the movie) was based on.

 For some reason, it was also connected to this military history place, so we wondered around there for a while. It was neat to see all the different uniforms.  

 We saw a sign on this road that indicated it was actually part of the original road. So I chanced it and took a little video (clearly it was so crowded on this road....).

We then went on to my friend's house in Peoria, and oddly, I have no pictures of those two days.  

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Michelle said...

And here I have been following your trip posts eager to see pics of Peoria! Maybe 8 kids under one roof have something to do with it..... :)