Thursday, May 23, 2013

Midwest Trip - St Louis

 It was kind of rainy and overcast when we pulled into St Louis, so we decided to go see the Arch since most of the museum is underground.
 We ended up not going up to the observation deck, but it was still pretty cool to look at.  Especially all the different angles.

 There is the coolest kids place I have ever seen in downtown St Louis.  It is called The City Museum.  You'd think, history of St Louis blah blah.  But you'd be wrong!  It has to be the BIGGEST indoor (some outdoor) playground.  There are no rules as to what you can and cannot climb on in this place.  

 See the spiral thing? That is a way into the ceiling area, which was covered with thousands of hanging silver feathers.  
 This is looking up into some climbing area, the kids didn't want to go by themselves though, so I don't know what is up there.
 Somehow, I got a shot of this without any kids on it...everyone was just climbing on it and under it and behind it there is an entrance to the caves.  
 This was the beginning of what I'd call the treehouse.  And below is a tunnel that goes under the tree.  Apparently you could also go under the marble floor you saw in the pic with the feather ceiling...the bigger kids were telling me all about it.

 Then upstairs we found the 'little kid' section.  You could tell Rose was almost too big for it, but too small to go it alone in the other section.  
 I so definitely need a ball pit with big balls in it.  They had so much more fun in here than they do in the kind with small balls.  

 They even had some smaller slides for the younger crowd, done in the same fashion as the bigger kind.

 But here is the slide the kids liked the most....

 ...yes, it is down two flights of stairs to get to the bottom...great fun with the baby and I running up and down.

This hollowed out firetruck is actually overhanging the parking area.  The outside area was pretty crazy too, but I didn't get many pictures because John was down and out of the stroller at this point.

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