Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Puzzle Lovin'

Believe me or not, Rose did this puzzle by herself.  Sure I walked her through (told her what to do next) the process of sorting straight edges and non edges, by color, and then trying the pieces one by one she thought would work.  Really, I only put one piece in because it was driving me crazy she hadn't put it in yet and so on...
Rose has been good at puzzles since I can't even remember.  We have this obnoxious fish puzzle (thanks Nana) that she got when she turned 2.  First try, she had it down.  First try for everyone else - stares of confusion (we got it on the second try!).  
By the way, this tinkerbell puzzle she just finished - 100 pieces and they are the size of a 'normal' puzzle.

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Michelle Marcinak said...

Wow!!!! So impressed. That Rose, she's bound for MENSA. ;) But seriously, that's really a big accomplishment for her age.