Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take a Chance Challenge 3 - First Book

Remember I posted that I was joining a reading challenge?  Well I finally finished the first book...I went with the easy one off the list and picked up a book that was recommended by the library staff.  It was a thriller - Snow Angels by Thom Racina.  On the whole, it was good enough to keep me entertained through to the end.  And there was one of those Law and Order type twists at the end, but about 20 pages before it happened, I figured it out and the end became almost anti-climatic.  :(
I'd say three stars out of five - good but not great - readable.


Jenners said...

Good for you for finishing up your first book for the challenge! I'm looking forward to this particular part of the challenge -- though it does put pressure on the person doing the recommending. Glad this wasn't a total loser, and good job on "figuring it out" before the end. I almost never do!

Irene said...

Welcome to the challenge, so glad you finished your first book.