Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Fun Easter Project

This is so simple...even the craft weary can do this.  In fact it took me less than 30 minutes with my 3 year old 'helping'.  Warning - you will get sticky!  A friend sent me the idea from a blog.  I think you do actually need the 9 boxes, we only did 6 and I am thinking I will go back and add one more box of each color later this week.


I hot glued the ribbon on. Then quickly learned it is faster to push the toothpicks in with a thimble (of sorts - it is a gatorade lid) then push the peep on.  You should also space yours better than I did mine!

Part way there...

The mess after - can you see all the sugar sprinkles?

Done for now.  It isn't hanging yet, since they are still painting on the main floor, but it will be up by Easter.  So excited!!

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