Friday, April 1, 2011

It's been a long week...

Sorry I haven't posted all week.  Things have been kind of crazy around here.  We started off the week on a self-imposed seclusion due to the kiddos having wicked chest coughs.  In the middle of the night Monday (3am) Rose woke with a 104 degree fever and throwing up.  So off to the doctors we went - diagnosis: pneumonia.  So we spent the rest of the week on a doctor-imposed seclusion & bed rest for Rose.  Have you met my daughter?  Getting her to sit still for long is impossible.  But we did manage for a few days by alternating between books, tv, Skype, and computer games.  

Then last night, just as I was about to round the kids up for bath and bedtime, we ended up rushing to the urgent care center for James who had fallen (just walking like he normally does) and bashed his eye on a toy.  

Deep cut, but no stitches just skin glue.  So that is good news I guess.  

As you can see it has been exciting around here this week.  We have spent a lot of time in and out of doctor's offices and pharmacies.  And in between I have actually gotten a lot of work done on cleaning out the upstairs office.  It just doesn't look like it!

 Although it looks messy, it truly is organized chaos.  A box of trash, a box for the attic, files to move downstairs (check), and two boxes to be gone through.  And I have a pretty good idea what is happening with most of the other stuff.  AND that bookshelf has been moved to the basement to hold homeschooling stuff.

 All of this stuff is now sorted and put away in the new office.  And the black organizer there on the bottom left has been repurposed to hold a bunch of craft stuff in the kitchen.  

Most of this stuff is being sold in the yard sale, which this room will become the holding spot for once I finish going through it - I will post an update later this week.

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