Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As you can probably tell by the collage of pictures, we had a lot of fun on our long weekend away.  We went to a great little place called Graves Family Lodge and stayed in one of their houses.  We went to Luray Caverns, explored their working farm, went on a hayride & roasted marshmallows, ate really good, but unhealthy food, went swimming (pond by accident, pool on purpose), collected sticks and rocks, went on a short hike, and drove around some really pretty countryside.

The house was just the perfect size for us - two rooms and a great room.  There was a kitchen so we were able to have food and whatnot when we wanted it; like before 830 am when breakfast was finally served everyday.  And it was at the end of the drive, so there was no traffic past our door.

The lodge served meals three times a day, 830, 1230, and 630, and had the most awesome rolls at each and every meal!  Also, the mashed potatoes were to die for they were so creamy.  After pretty much ever meal the kids wanted to run around the great room in the lower level of the lodge.  On the first day before dinner, they were playing out front of the lodge and ran headlong down the hill.  Apparently (I was inside due to allergies) James made it all the way down the hill with out falling, and if you know James at all that is quite a feat for him,  until he got to the bottom, and fell over.  It just happened to be into the 3 foot pond.  So Daddy had to dive in after him and forever more the pond was known as the pond James fell in (each and every time we passed it).

One of the activities I brought for the kids to do was a dollar store bug catcher.  I thought they would have fun swinging at bugs.  What I didn't count on was Rose freaking out every time she thought she saw a bug.  Oddly enough, she constantly wanted to go and catch them outside (where she couldn't see them that well) and not inside (where they were flocking to the lights).

We also went swimming in the pool.  It was freezing the first day since it had just been filled with fresh river water!  Luckily it warmed up considerably by Monday as it was really hot - 95ish.  

While we were out one day, I saw this sign. 
Here let me zoom in for you.
I thought it was a bit odd since I think the definition of an antique is that it was made a long time ago, right?

And here is my favorite shot of the week.
Rose showing off her homemade, natural wand.

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Michelle Marcinak said...

Love the "antique tables" sign and the story about James falling in the pond and all the other pictures too. You are so right. We would love that place! Looks like you had such a nice trip.