Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!

Waiting to give daddy his treats for the day (4 lbs of twirlers, a new pj wardrobe, slippers, & a handprint card).

 Taking a break in the basement while daddy did some work...hmm guess he was tired.
We had a long weekend (see this post), plus after Mass, we celebrated the day with my side of the family for brunch.

The ice cream fiasco: So long story short; we went for ice cream and ended up eating soupy, milk like cream, well at least some of us did.  

Long version: We went to DQ for dessert, they took forever to make 2 blizzards, so I sent Dan to get the kids fudgeless sundaes from McDonald's.  By the time I got in the car, theirs' were almost melted to begin with.  We decide we will stop at a nearby park to eat them.  We get out, walk to the benches, forget the bug spray, the kids are spilling what are now milkshakes, Dan goes back for the spray in the car, we walk to the picnic tables, decide the bugs just really aren't worth it, turn around and get back in the car.  Race home to try to be able to eat some ice cream before it is totally melted.  

We sit down on the front stoop, and are eating away.  I decide that mine would be better refrozen after the kids have gone to bed, so I go in to put it in the freezer.  I trip on the inside stairs spilling soupy chocolate ice cream everywhere!  I didn't take a picture because who would do that (I guess whoever had been eating this cone?)?  
Maybe I should have because, then Rose spilled a little.
Then James spilled a lot!
So, daddy decides that we need to clean the stairs up and turns the hose on.  But forgets that it was the stairs that needed to be cleaned and started spraying all of us.  The "I have a camera in my hand" only protected me for so long, so yes, I too got drenched.  But we had a blast doing it.  And eventually everyone forgot about their spilt milk - I mean ice cream. 

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Michelle Marcinak said...

That. Is. Awesome. What a fun story. You make it seem so great. I'd probably have been crabby. You inspire me. :)