Tuesday, August 23, 2011


What? An earthquake hit on the east coast?  I have lived here since 87, and don't ever remember one, and now we have had two in a year or less.  What is going on?  Anyway, minimal damage, but it did scare us all.  We were outside playing when the house started to sound like it was going to blast out of our yard.  At least I now know which shutters need to be secured this fall...
From a large geode that I keep up a shelf or two.  It fell on the bottom half of my built-in bookshelves, dented it, and caused the trim to separate a little.  Nothing I can't fix.

Pretty much everything on this shelving unit fell over or off.  This is after I picked it up off the floor.  

I have also been finding small things throughout the house, like the soap bottle in the sink or a crooked picture.  Hopefully it wasn't just a precursor to something bigger.  Rose keeps running to the door jamb saying the house is going to jiggle again (I told her what to do in case we were inside next time).

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Michelle Marcinak said...

So glad your little ones weren't hit by any of that falling stuff! What a bizarre event.