Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St. Rose of Lima Feast Day

Today was the feast day for St. Rose of Lima, who is Rose's patron saint.  This year, we found a church named St. Rose of Lima and went to Mass there.  It was a cute little church and everybody was excited for Rose once they found out.  Prior to leaving, I had seen that there was a state park nearby, so I packed our lunch and off we went after Mass.

 My favorite pics of the day!

 Rose really wanted to eat lunch in the middle of this pretend boat - even though it was the middle of the playground and there were probably 3 school buses worth of kids that had just arrived.  Oh well, it was fun.

 Rose probably spent a half an hour on this zip line, and would have kept going if James wasn't ready for his nap.  She was the youngest one using it so I had to keep the bigs from cutting her out of the line:( but she still had loads of fun.

After the earthquake...we brought snack to the park for all the neighborhood kids.  I made chocolate cupcakes, iced with strawberry icing, and rolled fruit by the foot pieces on top to look like little rosebuds.  Not sure if you can tell or not on this pictures, but they were really cute.  

While we were waiting for dinner to arrive - Rose had voted for pizza delivery - we colored a St. Rose of Lima print out

Overall, I think she had a good day.  The earthquake just made it memorable!

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Michelle Marcinak said...

Happy belated feast day, Rose! What a fun day! Nice cupcakes. Your favorite pictures are my favorites too. If you ever frame pictures, those look like good candidates.