Sunday, August 28, 2011

A quick project

I finally got one of the projects I had seen online in several places done!  It was so quick too, I might even make this as a gift in the future...for my homeschooling type friends.
 Pre-cut squares of felt (Wal-mart).
 Fold in half.
 Cut width to fit your cross (Michael's).
 Round the edges, add a hole for the top of the cross.
 Cut a strip from the extra piece to use for the stole.
 Repeat for colors of the liturgical year (we still need a blue stole for Marian feast days).
 Check on the cute guys in the back yard, weeding in their overalls.

 Hot glue some ribbon around the edges of each piece. We used white and gold.

Screw your cross on to small wooden discs (Michael's). 

And you have a complete set of liturgically based vestments, which you can now change after you go to mass and distract your kids by asking what color the priest is wearing.  At least until your 3 year old figures out that the priest will be wearing the same color as the cover on the chalice that is out before mass and tells you so, therefore preventing the distraction later on.

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Michelle Marcinak said...

I've seen those before! You did a great job. When I receive said gift in the mail from you, I will feign surprise. :)