Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Day of Dr. Seuss Fun

I originally got the idea from the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook but revamped it to make it way easier - pudding in a small graham cracker pie crust, with green grapes on top.  Rose really like it as you might be able to tell from below.  We had it as preschool snack, and the other two kids didn't go for the pudding - strange huh?

 Oh Say Can You Say?

Goldfish counting for One Fish, Two fish.  Rose had fun, but she wanted more of the other colors to make all the squares have a fish.   Oddly, she didn't even want to eat the fish after and gave them to her brother.  Whatever.  Seems today's Dr. Seuss was about food.  But we also talked about safety rules when mom isn't around - Cat in the Hat.  And did some rhyming - Fox in Sox.  We have had a pretty fun week on the whole.  I might continue into next week and then start St. Pat's stuff early so we can get the decorations up.  By the way, I am going to add a whole bunch of Dr. Seuss books to my wishlist for the kiddos!

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