Sunday, March 20, 2011

St Patrick's Day (full version)

 For breakfast I made, or tried to make, shamrock pancakes.  And yes they were green.  Despite the face, she actually ate all of them.  

For lunch I did what is called a muffin tin meal.   She had chicken nuggets with green mustard (a drop of blue food coloring did the trick), grapes, kiwi, a pickle and 3 leftover heart candies in the shape of a clover.  She got green sprinkles in her milk.  Most of it was gone at the end of lunch, so I guess it was a hit, maybe I should theme more of our lunches.

We had lots of fun at the park in the early afternoon.  I played around with the black and white setting on  my camera a little and loved the results. 

We went over to my friends house for an afternoon snack.  We both had wanted to make white chocolate snakes  but neither had the time or all the ingredients.  So we improvised with apple rings and Fruit roll ups.  and put them on top of her cupcakes.  

 She is really enjoying that cupcake.  There was also leprechaun juice (green fruit punch), but kind of hard to get a pic of that.  
 James enjoyed their ride on tractor.  It has pedals like a bike, but he really liked moving the digger.  And NO I DO NOT WANT ONE (really, my house is too small to store it).

Later I gave them pistachio pudding.  James liked it so much that he licked the bowl clean.  

I am linking this up to the LENS photo challenge this week.  Of course the theme is green! And linking to Muffin Tin Mom.


Our Peculiar Lives said...

Your kiddos are too cute! Love the selective coloring shots, I love that kind of edit! :) I think if I served my kids green pancakes there would be mutiny! Lol! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the coloring shots too! What fun!

MomLaur83 said...

Ooooh I think you win for the most green! Awesome!

SnoopyGirl said...

How fun. We made shamrock pancakes for St. Pat's Day too!

Janet Rose said...

Great green photos! Adorable kids, too. :)

Hen Jen said...

looks like a great day! I've never had pistachio pudding, I'm intrigued now, I bet it was good!
we had homemade shamrock shakes for St. Paddy's day :)

loved your photos,your kids are adorable!