Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bartholomew and the Oobleck AND Green Eggs and Ham

We HAD to make Oobleck (GAK for those of you who grew up with Nickelodeon) since it is probably the most common Dr. Seuss activity out there.  And today was a nice day weather wise, so we did it outside.  There were so many different recipes online, we tried two.  The first we made blue and dedicated it to the blue goo in Fox in Sox.  The second we made green and it was the Oobleck.



The cornstarch one (blue) definitely felt cooler to the touch, but the glue/borax one (green) was more fun to play with according to Rose.  Although I will probably just do cornstarch in the future, James kept trying to scoop & eat the small amount of Borax I had out.

Oddly, she ate the eggs and not the ham.

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