Thursday, January 20, 2011

Colorful (Melting) Ice

Today was my day to teach the preschool co-op that Rose is a part of, and since I was already doing snow stuff with Rose, I decided to expand on that and work on wintry things.  I found an ice melting experiment somewhere online (sorry I forget where) that seemed pretty cool.  
 Here's what you need: food coloring, coarse salt, ice, newspaper, and trays.
 I made my ice by freezing some water in the rectangular Glad containers.  At first I didn't have the newspaper under the ice, but learned as the ice melted it absorbed the water and the food coloring, so I added some later on.
 The kids sprinkled the salt on, mostly in the middle, but some made it towards the edges.
 As the salt melted the ice, the color started to seep into the ice block.  It looked really neat.  We used about four drops per cube.  And it worked pretty quickly, but after a few minutes it looked even neater.

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