Monday, January 31, 2011

Dragon Puppet

This week is Chinese New Year (Feb 3) so I decided to theme our activities around that.  Today we made a paper bag puppet.  I just googled the image for the dragon face and found it here.  Then Rose had some cutting practice with cutting out the 'scales'.  I had pity on her after she did 6 and said her hand hurt, so I cut out the rest and the colored dragon face.  Then she just glued them on and the face - viola -  Dragon Puppet!


Michelle Marcinak said...

That's so cute! I could get into that.... maybe. You know I'm scared of crafting. Heck, it's really my kids who are scared of crafting after seeing Mommy turn into a dragon faster than any construction paper ever could.

Sara said...

Michelle - this one is super easy...just let go of the fact that the ovals will NOT be perfect. Let them cut a bunch out then glue them on a bag - so easy - even you craftphobic ones can do this one!