Monday, January 31, 2011

The National Building Museum

A hidden treasure in the world of children right here in the Nation's capital.  It is big, open, free (mostly), and has a little kid section.  I would say we spent the majority of our time in the little kid section, since even I felt overwhelmed in the actual displays - they would be great for an architect major!   I will be going back for the kids to get some more play time. 
 Train table that James absolutely loved!

 The strong lil' man.
 Dollhouse fun.

Building (and knocking over) a tower with Daddy. 

Lots of fun for the whole family.  We will most likely go back when our cousins visit sometime this summer as there is a Lego display that my nephew would love.  

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Michelle Marcinak said...

That looks so fun! And Daddy got to go along too, yay! I'm sorry we never made it to that one while we lived there. :( Maybe on a future visit.