Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snowflake Snack

Ok, so this one didn't exactly turn out quite like I thought it would.  The idea was to stick pretzels into a large marshmallow with small ones on the end and get it to look like a snowflake.  First the pretzels kept breaking trying to get them into the marshmallow.  Then Rose really really just wanted to eat the little ones, so I gave her a thumbs up for trying (that is mine) and let her eat them.  Oh well, they don't always go as planned.  I saw it somewhere online, and it looked a lot cuter.

Here is Rose trying to do her's....I didn't get the last shot, as I was laughing too hard, but just imagine the marshmallow caving in on itself, making it look very erratic with pretzels all in one direction.  I couldn't stop laughing.

1 comment:

Michelle Marcinak said...

I can see where this was going.... very cute idea! But marshmallows are irresistible, dontcha know??????