Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Penguin Cookies

Today we made penguin cookies out of premade sugar cookie dough.  It was fun, and we know they will taste good, even if they don't look great.  First we divided the dough and added cocoa to one part and coloring to another.  Great lesson in how color mixing works.
Then after rolling out the cocoa dough and making circles, I free handed some heart shapes from the centers.  The trick is to move the dough after you cut the circles but before the hearts.  Figured that out halfway through, so some are better than others.

Rose then pinched pieces of plain sugar dough into the centers.  Then we made them ovals instead of circles, in hopes they would look more like penguins and less like owls....that is yet to be determined.
The orange dough was used for feet and beaks, with additional cocoa and plain dough for eyes.  The extra dough was used to make iceburgs (I didn't want to put it away!).

The finished product!  I think (HOPE) you can tell who made them.  We got the idea from Almost Unschoolers - again.  I think hers might have come out better, but then again, I only had a three year old helper, she has much older kids.  Off to eat our cookies!

Almost forgot to include today's book: "Don't Be Afraid, Little Pip!"  It was alright, not as cute as the others we've read this week.


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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I think they turned out perfect!