Monday, January 24, 2011

Glue & Glitter

Rose made a winter scene out of glue and glitter.  First draw a winter scene with white crayon on a black paper. Then add a thick line of glue at the top, and hold the paper up so it drips down, creating icicles.  Glue any where else you want 'snow'.  Add glitter, let dry.  Beautiful winter scene.


Michelle Marcinak said...

So do you hang these up all over the house or keep them for a few days and then toss them? Curious craft-o-phobic minds want to know. ;)
Very cute, Rose! Nice work. Your mommy is amazing.

Sara said...

We put the on the fridge door until James climbed up and pulled them down and they broke. It was suggested to do it directly on the window....or to hang a string through it to hang from chandelier.